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Cosmic Hart

Evidential Medium & Clairvoyant Intuitive 

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About Me

Connecting this world to the other worldly 

My name is Elizabeth Rose Hart. I am an evidential medium and clairvoyant intuitive. I specialize in connecting with your loved ones on the other side, through evidence based facts that prove the authenticity of the connection. I also specialize in timelines and future predictions. 
I have performed over thirty five hundred readings. I was born with my gifts and have been working professionally for the last five years. I have participated with over one hundred metaphysical events across the US. 
My reading style is unique, along with my gifts. I am able to offer uplifting, insightful, enjoyable and accurate sessions on a variety of topics, to clients of all ages and demographics. 
I've been teaching my "Psychic Development & Working with Angel Tarot" workshop for the last four years. 
I also wrote and self published my first book April of 2022. It is on the nature and history of Twin Flames, Soulmates, and Karmics. The book also discusses the association of Psychic Gifts and the path of enlightenment to such relationships. It be found on Kindle through the link posted below. 
It is an honor to be of service. Thank you for visiting. Infinite Blessings to you and yours. 

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My Services

Intuitive Consultations 

I offer in person sessions in Denver CO or remotely via; Zoom, Facetime or Phone. 
I also offer couple’s readings, group readings, special events and parties. Gift certificates are also available. 
My rates for remote private sessions are as followed:
1 hour $160
45 minutes $120
30 minutes $80
Please contact me to schedule; with your preferred day and time, desired amount of time, as well as if you would like your remote session via Zoom, Facetime or phone. Thank you. 
Please note if you would like anything beyond a remote private session rates vary. 
In person sessions are only in downtown Denver. 


1 Hour Combination Session - Mediumship & Psychic 


This is the most popular session offered. 
We begin the session with mediumship and see what spirits come through. We then move onto their messages and guidance. 
We end the session with the intuitive portion, including timelines and future predictions. 
Pricing for remote sessions:$160 for 60 minutes, $120 for 45 minutes, and $80 for 30 minutes 


Intuitive Consultation - Psychic Reading 


Intuitive consultations are intended for all things beyond mediumship. They include timelines and future predictions. 
Making them great for anyone wanting clarity or guidance. Most of the time the sessions only validate what the client’s intuition is already telling them. With the session offering additional solutions or advice and perspective. 

Beyond future trajectories, we can discuss other topics such as; past lives, chakra healing, other forms of healing, psychic gifts, abundance, life purpose, working with your intuition as well as guides, and much more. 
Pricing for remote sessions: 
$160 for 1 hr, $120 for 45 minutes, and $80 for 30 minutes 


Evidential Mediumship Consultation 


These sessions are intended to connect you to your late loved ones and offer messages. 
There are no cards involved, spirit is channeled and offers clues or information to validate the connection. 
Evidential information to prove the authenticity of the connection of the spirit coming through would be along the lines of this example; picking up on a mother figure (grandmother or mother usually), about 5’ 5” with short brown hair, 4 children, significance with April, chest/breathing issue, 4 yrs ago.  
Spirit will talk about their life while they were alive and significant memories or life experiences. They will also talk about your current circumstances and offer guidance or messages. They communicate through visual messages (pictures, symbols, numbers), auditory messages (phrases, conversations, names), and feelings. 
Pricing for remote sessions:
$160 for 60 minutes, $120 for 45 minutes, and $80 for 30 minutes 

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Twin Flames & Kundalini Awakening 

Volume One - Awakening Your Divine Spark

My book - Twin Flames and Kundalini Awakening by Rose Hart 

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Denver, CO, USA

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